31 thoughts on “Pr3d Tries To Meet 13 Year Old, Pees Himself Instead

  1. This is pretty much me when my parents saw my ps4 gc with my friends i had the funniest and the worst lies i ever made up they werent mad but they just wanted me to not talk to dem any more

  2. I’d just like to say I’ve never seen one of your videos before, and have not even watched this one yet. But i wanted to say, that the intro scared the shit out of me 😂 AMAZING branding technique LMAO

  3. it’s crazy how Jidion says the EDP should’ve bum rushed the security and that’s exactly what a different EDP did to Jidion in a recent sting 😭🤦🏾‍♀️

  4. Theres def female preds but the way society works is crazy. I meam ive seen so many male victims have fem abusers get away cause the men are supposed to like it or enjoy it.😕 its crazy honestly.

  5. Jidion what’s sad is that the 2 hours that he was driving there he was alone by himself, what was going through his mind driving 2 hours to meet a underage girl like the more you think about it the more it just becomes sad