44 thoughts on “Roy Lichtenstein/Harley Quinn Mashup Cosplay Costume

  1. Incredibke makeuo and veautifull work, but I just wabt to say Roy was a terrible artist. He basically plagerised art from underoayed pulp artists abd blew it up and sold it for incredibke ammounts. He even had some real shitty views, saying that his copies where turning art-less work into fine art. Pretty crappy dude

  2. We learn/ed about him in art class for our pop art progress for the second half of art that year. We have/had to do writing about him and our teacher handed out laminated sheets explaining things. It went into large detail on the events of his life until, at the end of a really long paragraph, there was a sentence lightly brushing over a controversy regarding plagiarism. Idk much about it but it is a memory that I thought might be relavent here.

    Sorry you had to read this random a$$ paragraph 😅