ADLEY & NiKO play MiNECRAFT in Real Life!! Saving Niko’s 5th Birthday Party from an Ender Dragon irl

YOU are invited to Niko’s Birthday!!!!
but be careful cuz it’s SURViVAL


HEY EVERYBODY!! It’s Niko’s Birthday and Mom and Dad have planned the best birthday party ever! We have all our friends here to come with us to a Minecraft server in REAL LIFE!! But first we have to decorate out characters, we had lots of accessories to choose from: Bags, A for Adley Merch, Tattoos, and even some face paint! I got my face painted like a Minecraft pig, Niko got a gold sword painted on his face to look tough! After everybody had their characters ready it was time for us to jump though the portal and into the Pirate Island Minecraft server! When we got there we noticed somebody else there with us.. we ran over to see who it was! It was another player named Pirate Dad! At first he was scared of us, but then we decided to be friends and work together! He told us that there was an Ender Dragon that stole all the presents from Niko’s Birthday so we had to find a way to get them back! First we had to collect some wood to create a crafting table! Then we could use them to make some swords and axes for when the mobs come out at nighttime! Speaking of nighttime.. its starting to get dark! When the mobs came out we did out best to battle them! Some of them even dropped some loot like TNT or some Ender Crystals! If we collect enough Ender Crystals we can use them to spawn the ender dragon and get Niko’s Birthday back! After a few more days and nights of collecting resources we were ready! We put the crystals together on the crafting table and the Ender Dragon appeared! All of the sudden it got super rainy with thunder and lightning! He almost got us a few times but we worked together and fought him off! Then Niko grabbed a bow and arrow and slayed the dragon! Then we grabbed the dragon egg and ran back to get out of the rain and finish Niko’s Birthday Party!!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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