Wonder Woman and The Punisher had a child!?

Top 10 Amalgam Characters part 6: Bullets and Bracelets (The Punisher and Freelance)
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43 thoughts on “Wonder Woman and The Punisher had a child!?

  1. 1996 DC vs Marvel comic event where you go to read the top heroes of both universes fight and then merge. I have all the books to this day. I still loved when Wolverine and Lobo fought in a bar and Wolverine beats him down and takes Lobos cigar.

  2. So if Wonder Woman (not fused with anything apparently) had a child with Frank Castle/Steve Trevor in the amalgam universe, then what would happen to the child after the world gets fixed? Does it make the child have two dads and one mother?

  3. They would never put something like this out now. Obease race swapped WW would have a wife and there child would be nonbinary punisher would be in bondage and need diverse obease ww to come and save him after telling him what a puss he is. 😂